Screen Recording

Nowadays, screen recording has become easier and capture any area of your screen with options to add narration from the microphone and video from webcam. Capture a full screen or partial screen to do screen recording in a high quality manner. After completing screen capture, you can do editing for the video that can be from beginning, middle and end of the video. It is useful to record webinar, games, skype videos in HD and more.

Pan and zoom:

These function are used to capture the most important screen area and it is also used to bring viewer's attention.

Drawing panel:

You can draw, outline and add arrows or text to your screenshot or video while doing the screen capture.

Add watermark:

Add your own watermark to the screen capture to show the creativity. It also helps the viewer's to identify your work and helps to enhance the brand value.

Scheduled screen recording:

You can set multiple screen capture or do single screen capture by setting start and stop time for the recording.

Display Hot keys:

It helps you to display hot keys in the video and has function to do start, stop and end recording.

Webcam recording:

Do webcam recording along with the screen recording which is useful in creating video tutorial.

Change format:

By using screen recorder, you can change the format of recorded videos later and you can play it on portable mobile device.

Speed of the video:

You can also speed up and slow down any section of your video. This helps you to capture important part of the video.

Animated GIFs:

Turn any short recording into animated GIF and also add transition with overlay effects.

Keep your recording safe:

There is private online back up that helps you to keep your recording in a dedicated space that is located off your computer.

Benefits of screen recorder:

It is used in various department like education, business, work, marketing and more. In education you can create, share and manage videos for education. The teacher can create engaging videos about a content and share it with others. This helps the student to understand the concept well and they can learn it by example. If the student have any doubt they can pause the video and post a comment or clear the doubt in the next classroom session. In marketing, create engaging video attract customer as well as create videos for product demonstration. Whereas in business, you can share information with business partner, employee and other people to make quick decision. Finally, in work application developer find it very helpful during the initial and final stage where they can record the functioning.

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